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Freestyle Tap Instrumental _ “DREAM STATE” – Immerse Yourself in the Dark and Inspiring Realm of this Freestyle Tap Instrumental 🔥



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“DREAM STATE” – Immerse Yourself in the Dark and Inspiring Realm of this Freestyle Tap Instrumental

Step into the enigmatic realm of “DREAM STATE,” where darkness and inspiration intertwine to create a captivating freestyle tap instrumental. Let the haunting melodies and hypnotic rhythms guide your movements as you explore the depths of your creativity. This unique composition will transport you to a world where dreams become reality, and your tapping skills become a powerful form of artistic expression.

Unleash Your Creative Flow

With its brooding and unconventional style, “DREAM STATE” beckons you to unleash your creative flow. Surrender to its mesmerizing beats and let the music guide your taps, allowing your emotions and imagination to shape your movements. Explore the limitless possibilities and express your deepest artistic vision through the rhythmic language of tap.

Ignite the Stage with Intensity

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, “DREAM STATE” demands technical proficiency and mastery. It compels artists to push their boundaries, captivating the audience with their raw talent and commanding presence. Step onto the stage and let the intensity of the music fuel your performance, leaving the crowd spellbound with your tap skills and artistic expression.

Elevate Your Music to New Heights

Let “DREAM STATE” be the catalyst that elevates your music to new heights. Its dark and inspiring soundscapes provide the perfect backdrop for artists to explore their creative depths and showcase their authenticity. Allow the music to guide your taps and transport both you and your audience to a realm where imagination knows no bounds.

Licensing Options and NFTs

Our platform offers a range of licensing options, ensuring you retain complete control and ownership of your artistic creation. Choose from Basic, Premium, or Unlimited licenses to unlock the full potential of “DREAM STATE.” Dive into the world of NFTs on Opensea, expanding your digital footprint and connecting with a vibrant community of artists and enthusiasts.

Embrace the Power of “DREAM STATE”

Embrace the evocative artistry and captivating spirit of “DREAM STATE” as it fuels your musical journey. Join the ranks of successful artists who have harnessed its power to create impactful and mesmerizing performances. Unleash your creativity, captivate your audience, and embark on an extraordinary musical adventure within the depths of “DREAM STATE.”

Please take note of our licensing options—Basic, Premium, and Unlimited—offering flexibility and control over your musical endeavors. Visit our website now to unlock the full potential of “DREAM STATE” and immerse yourself in a captivating musical journey.

5Gb disk space

20Gb Monthly Bandwidth

1 user

3 Domains

1 Email Account



Full Beat HQ Mix WAV Download

Perfect for Album / Single /EP Release 

No Tag (only in the Intro as our Brand)

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COMMERCIAL USE RIGHTS (up to 10.000 Streams)

all stems in 24 Bit WAV files

changes possible

no Tag (only in the Intro as our Brand 

Beat will be sold again



commercial use rights (no Streaming Limit)

all stems in 24 Bit WAV files

changes possible

no Tag  (only in the Intro as our Brand 

Beat will be sold again


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