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Beat License – Unlock the Power of High-Quality Instrumentals


Unlock the true potential of your music with our comprehensive selection of beat licenses. At Beatcoynz, we offer a wide range of licenses that allow you to access and use high-quality instrumentals in your creative projects. Discover the perfect beats to enhance your music and take it to the next level.

Explore a World of High-Quality Beats:

Immerse yourself in a world of professionally Beat License of produced beats that are designed to inspire and captivate. Our diverse collection covers various genres, including rap, trap, R&B, hip hop, and more. Each beat is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional sound quality and provide the ideal foundation for your musical creations.

Licensing Options for Every Need:

We understand that different projects require different licensing arrangements. That’s why we offer a range of licensing options tailored to your specific needs:

  1. Basic License:

  2. The perfect choice for commercial projects. With our basic license, you can use the beats in your personal recordings, mixtapes, or videos, giving your music the platform it deserves.

  3. Premium License: Designed for commercial use, our premium license grants you the rights to use the beats in your albums, music videos, live performances, and other commercial projects. Take your music to a wider audience and monetize your creations with confidence.

  4. Unlimited License: The ultimate choice for unlimited and unrestricted usage. The unlimited license grants you complete freedom to use the aggressive trap beats in any project, without any limitations. This license is perfect for major label releases, film soundtracks, and other high-profile productions

Exclusive Licenses (By Direct Arrangement):

For exclusive licensing inquiries, please reach out to us directly via email at Exclusive licenses are available on a per-

project basis and offer complete exclusivity, ensuring that the beat is not available to any other artist or producer. Contact us to discuss exclusive licensing options tailored to your specific needs.

High-Quality Production for Maximum Impact:

We take pride in delivering top-notch production quality. Our beats are created by experienced producers who possess a deep understanding of music production techniques. From the intricate melodies to the pounding rhythms, each beat is carefully crafted to deliver maximum impact and elevate your music to new heights.

Simple and Transparent Licensing Process:

We believe in simplicity and transparency. Our licensing process is straightforward, allowing you to easily browse, select, and purchase the licenses that best suit your needs. With clear terms and conditions, you can confidently use our beats in your projects without any legal concerns.

Start Your Journey with Beat License:

Explore our extensive library of beats and find the perfect sound for your next project. Whether you’re a rapper, singer, content creator, or filmmaker, our beat licenses provide the foundation for your artistic expression. Elevate your music and unleash your creativity with the power of high-quality instrumentals.

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Full Beat HQ Mix WAV Download

Perfect for Album / Single /EP Release 

No Tag (only in the Intro as our Brand)

Beat will be sold again





COMMERCIAL USE RIGHTS (up to 10.000 Streams)

all stems in 24 Bit WAV files

changes possible

no Tag (only in the Intro as our Brand 

Beat will be sold again



commercial use rights (no Streaming Limit)

all stems in 24 Bit WAV files

changes possible

no Tag  (only in the Intro as our Brand 

Beat will be sold again